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  • Are you against gambling or specific gambling companies?
    While my goal has always been to educate the public about potential risks associated with modern gambling, I do not oppose any sort of company or the act of gambling itself.
  • You have made it publicly known that you are a member of a support group for compulsive and problem gamblers, are you speaking on behalf of a certain group?
    No. I won’t hesitate to mention that there have been various influences that have been monumental in my recovery from gambling addiction. With that being said, I am speaking as myself. I do not have any affiliation with another group. What I share in my presentations reflects my beliefs and I do not claim to be speaking as a spokesperson of a group.
  • Do you give the same presentation each time?
    No. While many topics may overlap, each presentation is catered specifically to its audience. Each group has different cultural considerations that are important to adhere to.
  • Are schools your main audience?
    Currently I’ve presented my talks to schools but am available to present or give workshops to any sort of organization. I believe that my messages are universally applicable and provide value to anybody who listens.
  • Do you mention suicide in your talks/workshops?
    This is at the discretion of the organization.
  • You’re 26 years old, why should we hire you over someone who has been speaking for 20+ years and has more life experience?
    Age is an interesting factor and there are certain differences when working with somebody of a younger demographic. Personally, I believe that my age gives me a leg up on this topic and makes my message that much more important. A major demographic of the sports gambling industry is 18-24 year old males. Being 26 and nearly 4 years removed from a bet gives me a great perspective to help people of a similar background and give them hope that they don’t have to suffer.
  • Do you work exclusively in person or are you available virtually?
    I work both in person and virtual
  • What are site contributions used for?
    Site donations are used to help pay for site hosting and upkeep as well as materials used in presentations. Donations are graciously appreciated and never expected or solicited. Effectively spreading a truthful message requires funding and every donation is impactful.
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“Saul was very vulnerable. He has a calmness about him… is intelligent and has a way with words. I think the world of him.”

Al Richards, host of

“The Other Side of  Addiction” Podcast

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