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Why RISK your life? LIVE IT! 

“Saul was very vulnerable. He has a calmness about him… is intelligent and has a way with words. I think the world of him.”

Al Richards


“The Other Side of  Addiction” Podcast

Keynote Speaker | Recovering Gambling Addict


I grew up in Houston, Texas, to a loving family. I was blessed to attend the prestigious St John's School from sixth grade through high school, learning many things and discovering a variety of interests.  Hobbies like choir and French competitions kept me busy, but I found I was most passionate about fantasy sports. The St John's fantasy baseball league was a way to enjoy baseball and connect with friends, remaining a staple of my life through my freshman year of college at Trinity University. Everything changed my sophomore year when an acquaintance introduced me to sports betting through his local bookmaker. Suddenly the slow paced season long fantasy league was too tame for me... I needed action. In just under 2 years, from September 2017 to July 2019, I lost sleep, money, time, relationships, and almost my life. I knew I needed help. Now in my 4th year of abstinence from gambling, I have made it my mission to educate others so that they can avoid the same mistakes I made. I have been invited to speak to schools, podcasts, news outlets, and other organizations as the trusted source on modern gambling. 

I recognize that there are many gifted public speakers to choose from. WHY SHOULD YOU HIRE ME? 


Relevant and timely message: The public is being devastated by gambling now more than any other time in history. Online gambling takes no breaks, and gambling advertisers certainly don’t either. It is virtually impossible to watch any sporting event without being bombarded by ads for sports books or daily fantasy apps. A person doesn’t have to drive to Vegas or know somebody’s sketchy uncle to place a bet anymore; as long as they have an internet connection, they’re ready to play and potentially destroy their lives and the lives of those closest to them.
There is no better expert than somebody who has been there before. I have the luxury of being far enough away from my last bet to be stable and reputable while still possessing experience that paints a complete picture on modern day gambling and gambling addiction.




Lived experience does not have to come at the cost of education. I am well educated and well spoken. Having attended St John’s, Trinity, and Southern Methodist University  I have a rich appreciation for the value of a strong education. 
My talks on the risks of modern gambling go deep, and while the overall message pertains to gambling… I do not limit myself to ONLY talking about gambling. There are many challenges associated with gambling that I cover in my talks, including but not limited to self-esteem issues, financial pressures, coping with emotions, peer pressure, loneliness.


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